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The Business Solutions template includes...

  • Purchase this FrontPage Web Template at
  • The Business Solutions FrontPage Theme with defined navigation buttons, background graphic, etc. (Must be applied with Cascading Style Sheets to function properly.) Left vertical buttons have a fade-in effect when selected.
  • A web template to help you create a new starter web site. You may then edit navigation buttons and text as you wish.
  • Swish text movies that you may edit with Swish 2.0+ on each page.
  • Embedded Flash movie animation on each page. This package does not include the original Flash source files, so you cannot change the picture. The professional imagery throughout the template is suitable for a wide variety of businesses.
  • Eleven different page templates, utilizing different color schemes and layouts!
  • Include pages for the logo and copyright for your convenience.
  • Photoshop files for the "Your logo here" graphic and product images included.
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